Small Grip It Gloves for Free Motion Quilting, Sewing & Crafting
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Small Grip It Gloves for Free Motion Quilting, Sewing & Crafting

Grip It Gloves are designed with the free motions quilter in mind. Cool and comfortable with a soft, flexible fingertip grip that gives full control with less resistance and drag on fabric. The form-fitting seamless design allows you to keep the Grip It Gloves on while changing threads, adjusting fabrics, cutting with scissors, and adding or removing pins.

Use with Silicone Spray
 to make your surface slippery, allowing your fabric to sail over the surface smoothly with no friction or lint build up while you sew.

  • Highly breathable 100% polyester liner gloves with a flexible polyurethane fingertip coating.
  • Enhanced hand and wrist support helps to reduce fatigue and tension while working.
  • Ideal for free motion quilting, sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, and more.
  • Lint and excess fabric dye may accumulate on the fingertip coating with prolonged use. To renew grip, gently rub oil soap on the coating, then wash according to care instructions.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Dry flat. Do not tumble dry or iron.
Available in 3 Sizes: Large
, Medium, and Small

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