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We are moving to a larger space at the end of June! To make this easier for our small staff, we are not taking donations until July. 
Thank you for understanding - and we hope to see you at our new space, #102-3500 Quadra Street.
Same building, same parking lot, bigger store and dedicated classroom!

If you have an extra large donation or are coming from out of town and can't make it on those dates, please phone ahead so that we can make space for your donation. Thank you!

Next donation dates can be found on our website calendar.

We accept any and all needle-and-thread items, including cross stitch and needlepoint.
Unfortunately we cannot accept knitting or crochet supplies. Our Place Society and Supply Victoria do accept these and other crafting items. Please see their donation guidelines or contact them.
  • Sewing machines, sergers, etc.
    • Any age of machine is welcome
    • Do not have to be working. If we cannot repair the machine, we can use it for parts.
    • Can be dropped off anytime during store hours. 
  • Notions
    • Hardware and tools in good usable condition. 
    • Trims and other soft goods can be opened and partially used. We would just ask that they are clean and unused, not removed from finished items. 
    • Zippers must be unused. Please no zippers recovered from garments, bags, etc. 
    • Please only donate on donation days: First Saturday and third Wednesday of each month.
  • Fabric
    • Any unused fabrics are welcome, be they quilting, garment, or upholstery. 
    • Cut-into is fine, but nothing that has already been made into something. 
    • Please ensure fabric is clean.
    • Please only drop off on donation days: First Saturday and third Wednesday of each month.
    • Please note that we cannot accept clothing, or any soiled or upcycled textiles as a donation. However, we can accept them for $3/pound on our monthly recycling days, the last Saturday of each month. This cost goes toward the shipping and recycling fees to send them to a facility in Surrey, BC, for recycling. 

Our goal is to offer an option for recirculating items back into the sewing community, rather than have them collect dust in a closet while others are buying new of the same item. Offering recirculated items helps reduce waste of manufacturing new goods, and prevents perfectly good items from going to landfill. They also sell at a lower price point, offering access to a larger range of economic situations. For larger items (machines, yardage, etc.), we can offer consignment. We cannot, however, offer payment on the spot for any items. Donation items can be dropped off on the first Saturday and third Wednesday of each month during regular store hours. If you have a lot of items (like a truck-full), please call ahead and let us know. We may ask to arrange a specific time with you outside of regular hours. 

Thank you so much for your generosity. Your donations help to reduce waste in our community!

Donate to our Waste Reduction Fund

 $958.34  648lbs
Money donated to our Waste Reduction Fund does not stay in our pockets. It is forwarded to projects and organizations in the community that are waste-reduction focused. Thank you for your support!
Debrand Textile Recycling

Soiled, or otherwise unusable textile waste is sent to Surrey, BC, for recycling. 

"We got our start in our hometown of Vancouver, showing local companies a better solution for their excess branded gear than the landfill—or “brandfill,” as we called it. Then we kept thinking bigger—what if we could shift mindsets so every brand sees waste as an opportunity instead of a burden?

Our commitment to challenging conventional ways of thinking and asking big questions resonated with leading brands across North America. Today, we support over 50 household names, along with emerging brands, through our approach to next-life logistics." -Debrand website about page

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About The Green Thimble

We are a sewing store dedicated to making sewing as sustainable as possible. We offer sewing machines, supplies, and accessories for sewing enthusiasts, both new and recirculated. With a passion for creativity and craftsmanship, we strive to inspire and support sewists of all levels, offering a diverse range of products and expert guidance.